This web site is not about sex, it is even more candid. It tells stories of us, LGBTQI people, who boldly demand human rights.
We are so shameless that we want to be treated equally.
Human Rights that LGBTQI people don't have in Ukraine:
  • the right to be protected from discrimination
  • the right to safety
  • the right to not undergo unnecessary medical treatments
  • to register a civil union
  • the right to inherit a partner's property or to pass on their property to a partner
  • parental rights and the right to adopt children
  • the right to receive alimony
  • the right to make important medical decisions on behalf of a partner in the case of a serious illness
  • the right to have documents that match their appearance and gender identity
  • the right to make arrangements for a partner's body in case of their death
  • the right to donate blood
  • the right to not testify against their partner in court